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Proceedings of PPC12 will be published in Acta Physica Polonica A (IF 2015: 0.525) journal published by Polish Academy of Sciences. The content of proceedings will be available in full text online on APP site. The instructions for manuscript preparation can be downloaded from the publisher’s website (Guide to Authors). Filled and signed copyright form is required with the manuscript. The deadline for manuscript submission is 21 August 2017. The conference fee includes the cost of a single publication. Each additional publication requires a payment of 60 EUR (250 PLN)

Both the manuscript and copyright form should be sent to

General rules for text formatting for publish in Acta Physica Polonica A (APPA):

  1. Papers should be written in LaTeX or MS Word format. In case of LeTeX documents additional preprint version in PDF format is required.
  2. Do not arrange the text „camera-ready”. There are no strict rules for formatting the text (12 pt fonts or 1.5-2 interline space are acceptable).
  3. Please be aware that the allowed length of the papers should be at most 4 printed pages (24000 characters) including figures, tables etc. For invited speakers 6 pages (36000 characters) and for plenary speakers 8 pages (48000 characters) are allowed.
  4. One squared figure in the paper (placed in one of two column of the text), including short caption, is equivalent to 1100 characters. Symbols on figures should be well-readable after reducing the size of figure to fit into a single column.
  5. The title, authors list with three different affiliations, about 250 characters long abstract and PACS numbers, all of these are equivalent to about 3200 characters.
  6. The appropriate, full and actual PACS numbers should be given. Please add, if possible, DOI information for cited publications.
  7. All co-authors of the references should be given (i.e. there should be no „et al.”).
  8. All not commonly known abbreviations should be developed (for the first time of their appearing in the text).
  9. All references, figures and tables must be cited in the text (and consecutively).
  10. The authors will be charged (400 PLN per page) for color figures in printed version. The coloured figures are free of charge in the case of on-line version of the paper only. If it is the case, please deliver both version of figures (coloured for electronic and B&W for paper version) with the same sets of symbols (only colouring should differ the adequate figures).